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KOEI giveth, and KOEI taketh a dump in my stocking

So the Dynasty Warriors 7 character reveals have been trickling in. There's some good, some meh, some people I don't give a rat's about. And some that are truly amazing. Look here - or hold off for a bit if you don't want to spoiler the lulz.

Lu Meng has never looked this fantastic.

Xiahou Yuan learned to dress himself.

This week - Cao Ren. Seeing as how the design team knocked the rest of my Triumvirate of Manliness out of the park, I was hella fucking psyched.

I believe the following photo essay speaks for itself.

What I expected to get some reasonable approximation of:

What KOEI deigned to pinch out the ass end of its Play-Doh Fug Factory:

The armor's not bad - and actually quite awesome after some Photoshop surgery to fix the turnip torso pinhead misproportions. It's the face that kills me. WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYY

'Nuff said.

If anyone wants me, I'll be in my vault.
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