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Yuletide 2010 - Dear Author

y helo thar, and thanks in advance for the holiday cheer. If we're not already acquainted, I hope this brain dump will help you out. I've included links to reference material for my requested game fandoms for anyone who is curious, passingly familiar, or in need of a refresher.

Feel free to peruse my small fic collection. It's all related to Dynasty Warriors and Three Kingdoms China, but it spans a variety of genres: historical drama, slash, modern alternate universe stories featuring romance and awkward teenage silliness. I love slices of life, situationally appropriate humor - from subtle snark to outright laughs - and all the wonderful dialogue and interactions borne of strong cast chemistry. I aim to flesh out and realize characters in a way that makes sense to their fans while showing what I personally see in them.

My "Do want" lists are meant to convey an ideal overall feel for the story and to suggest some details that I would especially like to see. If some of those listings don't apply to your idea, or you're not into the extended worldbuilding I would enjoy for certain canon, don't sweat it. 'Tis just a thought - and as optional as any of the other suggestions in this letter.

Rock on, have fun, and keep yourself caffeinated or hydrated or whatever floats your holiday boat. I can't wait to see what you have in store for me.

Dynasty Warriors
Final Fantasy IV
The Goonies

Dynasty Warriors

Look here for my official treatise on the joys of these beat 'em up games loosely based on the history and popular tales about Three Kingdoms China. Long story short - they offer a unique flavor of romanticized history that evokes the weight and depth of their source material. And they're an incredibly fun springboard, inspiring fan works ranging from fully historical fiction to cracktastic lulz.

I gravitate toward respectable gruff 'n scruff with a down to earth streak. I love Cao Ren for his somber sensitivity, Lu Meng for being the best grumpy teacher ever, and Xiahou Yuan for his in-your-face snark. Xu Huang is awesome for being all serious about testing his strength. I'm fond of Zhu Rong and old school Sun Shang Xiang for being asskicking tomboys, and I appreciate Yue Ying's air of mentor maturity. And I especially love to see fans bring their own depth and interpretation to these characters.

My prompt is largely a blank slate because any take on Cao Ren would make me a hella happy camper, especially if it delves deep into that contemplative head of his. Battlefield action is welcome - the toll of war on its bearers is even more interesting. I love fan works that go into detail with character interactions, especially those unexplored in game canon. Ren has little in the way of gameverse relations or subtext, but he has a lot of personality to bounce off others'.

Romance is very much optional but equally appreciated if you're up for it. My shipping preferences are pretty fluid aside from the tropes and archetypes on my Do Not Want list. If you have het in mind, I'd very much love for you to consider Cai Wenji as a partner. Though her upcoming DW7 personality is largely unknown, her history, legend, and ties to Cao Cao could support an intriguing fan characterization. Her legacy has an undercurrent of sorrow, which would complement Ren's somberness.

Check out the following posts for some more detail about my Dynasty Warriors favorites.

Favorite character - Cao Ren
Character you feel you are most like - Zhu Rong
Favorite pairings - Meng Huo/Zhu Rong, Cao Ren/Lu Meng

Do want:
- Influences from other historical, pop culture, or legendary sources.
- Mutual, respectful sex or romance between peers, showing the unique personality of the pairing.
- Female characterizations with a focus on relatability, initiative, intellect, and creativity.
- Some sense of positivity, optimism, or fulfillment, even if the narrative includes dark elements.

Do not want:
- A main pairing or sexual encounter that is coercive, abusive, or nonconsensual, or across a significant age or maturity difference.
- Unrealistic yaoi tropes, heteronormative and otherwise - big bad seme/whiny infantile uke, rape as love, etc.
- Squeaky girls and snotty vixens.

Don't care about:
- Strict adherence to the timeline of history, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, or any particular Dynasty Warriors game. Feel free to go with an alternate scenario if you like.
- Choice of writing out a sex scene vs. suggestively fading to black.

Reference Material

Dynasty Warriors wiki, with detailed character biographies and quotes.

TinyCaterpillar's YouTube channel, a comprehensive and well-organized collection of cut scenes from various KOEI games.

The history takes far longer to dig into because of the amount of context that must be learned along with it. I don't expect heavy historical influence from anyone not already familiar. I just figured I'd share for the sake of those who are curious.

Sanguozhi biographies, the most accessible English language TRUFAX on Three Kingdoms famous figures. These were translated from classical Chinese by volunteers. They aren't comprehensive, often requiring cross-referencing to get a full sense of an officer's career. Still, they provide a reasonable overview of notable feats and highlights.

Works of Rafe de Crespigny, an eminent Three Kingdoms historian. Includes his own analyses and translations from Zizhi Tongjian, an ancient history of China.

Final Fantasy IV

A favorite from my middle school years and still treasured today. The characters were distinct and memorable for Super Nintendo-era standards, and the immersive atmosphere hinted at a world that felt quite real to my 13-year-old self. I still get a strong sense of grandeur when listening to the soundtrack, and a certain epic comeback remains one of my favorite dramatic moments in gaming.

Palom and Porom cracked me up the moment they were introduced, with their normal kid appeal being more prominent than their considerable magical talent. I'd love a lighthearted look at Mysidian life through their eyes - their shared experience growing up as wizards with a healthy dose of sibling silliness along for the ride.

Do want:
- Any world building, including OC's, that you are inspired to add.

Don't care about:
- Compliance with extended FFIV canon. I'm only familiar with the original game.

Reference Material

Game script from the Nintendo DS remake.

Final Fantasy IV wiki.

The Goonies


This movie flat-out rules. I love the ridiculous plot that makes total sense by '80s adventure flick standards. I love how the kids swear and insult each other and demand Truffle Shuffle payment and otherwise act like believable human beings. I love Chunk's whininess and tall tales, Data's inventions, Mouth's gleeful asshattery, and Brand's overprotective big brother concern. I love Sloth's badass cheer and the cartoon villainy of the rest of his family.

I especially love the heart beating beneath it all - how you can look beyond the One-Eyed Willie hijinks to find bonds and friendship that feel like a very real glimpse into Oregonian life. My open-ended prompt is meant to inspire anything fun or poignant or feel-good to fit with that general vibe of the movie. I'd love to see Chunk and his family getting along with the new "kid" Sloth. That shared crush of Stef and Mouth's going somewhere (or sort of, or not really) when he's a bit older. Brotherly moments between Brand and Mikey, especially when Brand has to deal with his kid sibling growing up. The Fratellis at home, bossy mama and clueless sons at all. Anything along those lines, in any form you're inspired to write. Feel free to focus on any character, couple, or group, or go with a series of brief ensemble cast vignettes. Any Goonies slices of life 'r' good enough for me.

Do want:
- Humor.
- Situationally appropriate slapstick.
- Fun dialogue.
- Teen romance, awkward or otherwise.
- An overall positive or optimistic feel, even if some less upbeat elements are included in the narrative.

Do not want:
- Focus on angst or dark themes.
- Explicit sex.
- Sloth/anybody in a romantic sense.
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