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Fannish distraction-o-rama

I haven't given up on the video game meme. I just ran into a stretch of tricky questions and had more fun focusing on other projects. Like this digital drawing of Lu Meng, completed in two weeks of semi-dedicated free time from the initial mannequin sketch to these finished lines. Everything was freehanded on a tablet, even the halberd handle. I'm getting way better at this whole art thingymabob.

Click for full size. Also posted on deviantArt.

I've been working sporadically on my various writing projects in hopes that the words will flow for me once again. And then a bolt of thunder was cast down from the heavens.

Dynasty Warriors is a yuletide fandom this year. As are several others that I know well and enjoy. And some of my favorite DW guys were on the specific, short character list requested by whoever had suggested it.

What is Yuletide, you ask? It's a massive fic exchange for small fandoms. The big guys like Harry Potter have their own events. The rest of us - not so much. Hence, this epic holiday festival of sharing and caring. You pick several fandoms - hence the importance of having several fun ones to choose from - and the prompts and writers are matched up from there. The deadline is reasonable, the maximum length doable, and prompts have this magical way of inspiring you when you're all raring to go. I can so totally do this.

Who else is signing up this year?
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