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As you can see, I'm sick. At least this is a relatively harmless cold, and it happened to hit right when it was snowing heavily (so it's not like I wanted to go anywhere anyway), and I only needed to take one day off work, but I'm still annoyed because I wanted to go back to the gym today and although I was fine earlier, I'm randomly groggy now, and I doubt it would be a bright idea to push my squat 3-rep max in this state. (Wow, what a long sentence.) I also doubt that cardio would work, as the other gym patrons probably wouldn't appreciate me snuffling all over the elliptical machine.

Oh, and I managed to pass it along to poor Rando, but at least I got some hot chocolate in the office gift exchange, so that should help him feel better. Still, I feel bad that my ogre has to be a groggy pile of snuffles and used Kleenex for the next day or two.
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