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Day 2: Your favorite character

And now for a bulletin from the desk of Captain Obvious.

Cao Ren dispenses pwnage with a shield, defines his own stubborn sensitive badass archetype, and is quite nice to look at if you share my taste in men. But he's far more than the football playing Mega Man of Dynasty Warriors - he's a legend. The historical Ren was probably the best defensive commander of the Three Kingdoms era and one of the top generals overall, with a highly successful 30-year record and holding two of the highest titles in Wei's army at the time of his death. He talked Cao Cao out of massacring a rebellious city, rallied his men in the worst of times, and led a cavalry charge into enemy hordes - twice - to rescue ordinary soldiers.

Cao Ren is overlooked by KOEI fandom and Three Kingdoms fandom in general (apart from history buffs, who tend to appreciate his merits), which fuels my interest as well. Favorite heroic figures like Guan Yu and Zhao Yun are done to death in the popular tradition. I enjoy adding to the fan lore of someone who deserves to be legendary but was warped into an arrogant failure by Romance of the Three Kingdoms and some of the fictional tales that influenced it. My stuff, also featuring other overlooked guys like Lu Meng and Xiahou Yuan, ranges from srs bsness historical fiction to shameless slashy fan service and modern characterizations. Zip on over to Archive of our Own or if you want to see. I has a dinky fan art collection as well. SLOWBRO IS SLOW AT FANDOM

I conveniently ignore the fact that Dynasty Warriors 6 came along and turned the Ren into Dumpster the Grouch. That is not what I signed up to fangirl over, and I think I deserve a free nerd rage musou token if DW7 doesn't take back WTF was done to Thor. At least I got some lunchbox jokes out of the deal. EXTRA BIGASS FRIES, BROUGHT TO YOU BY CAO'S JR.!

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