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Biohazard in a pot

Have at my high-protein, vegetarian recipe for stuffed cabbage soup. If you use pre-chopped veggies and cole slaw mix, it even receives a stamp of approval from the Culinary Academy of Package Opening and Assembly. That's the way I prefer to roll. It's the food prep equivalent of paying $2 at the ATM instead of driving down the road to the one at your bank.

Currently working on: multi-part essay for a proper reboot of the Dynasty Warriors series. Tutorials for drawing principles I spent too much time figuring out myself the hard way, like "don't be in such a damned hurry to make dark black line art out of a sketch when you don't even have the underlying form figured out". Distilling cohesive articles out of my myriad thoughts on creative writing (mostly with regard to characterization, planning, and scene setting).
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