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Reviving my online presence

She's alive! She's aliiiiiiive!

I've fallen off the face of the earth, and my poor old personal domain hasn't been updated in 2 years. I have little idea what to do with it, but I want to change that. There's enough floating around in my head that I feel is worthwhile to distill into articles, reviews, and other miscellany that might interest someone out there.

It's just tough to get off my ass when I'm used to talking on social networks and special interest sites for focused discussion on my hobbies. There are tons of community-based sites for hosting artwork and writing, and I'd rather keep it all there. I'm not trying to promote myself as an artist (now that's a laugh - my drawings are like project cars that I keep reworking and reworking) or a writer - I'd just like other people to see my work, and community-based sites already have effective tracking and feedback systems for viewers.

Not to mention that I cross-post, which is annoying enough to deal with as is. I still don't have my content synced on all OVER 9000 of my fiction site accounts, and the only site that can contain it all - from Dynasty Warriors fanfiction to Three Kingdoms historical fiction and my horror work which has no ties to any fandom - is the quietest archive I use. It also requires that you log in to read stories with a mature rating, whereas other archives have no such restriction. I personally don't want to make accounts everywhere just to browse, so I don't expect a casual visitor to do the same.

As far as general interest blather goes, my mom has expressed curiosity about how writers come up with their ideas. I've got plenty of material there, as well as assorted brain dumps on subjects like video game storytelling techniques. I can also go through my backlog of perpetual favorite movies, games, etc. that I've never bothered to review. The cosplay tutorials are staying up, though who knows when that bug is going to bite me again.

I'm overhauling instead of giving up because I miss my old blather habit, especially because any sort of writing helps maintain the momentum when I'm stuck on one of my fiction projects. I'd also like to have one central hub linking to my more specialized repositories and hangouts. So it seems like my best bet is the following:

- Update Nucleus CMS. It's way overdue.
- Post any random articles that interest me enough to write them.
- Set up an easily accessible intro post, linked on the sidebar, with links for my fiction, game FAQ's, and such.
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