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Avenue Q and other New York hijinks

This took place over Labor Day weekend. Yes, I fail at timely updates. Whatever. It's here now.

I must confess that I didn't hear of Avenue Q until a couple of months ago when I finally heard that Internet is For Porn song in its entirety. But at least I learned of it in time to catch it before the end of its Broadway run. We went. We saw. It ruled.

Upon onezumi's most excellent recommendation, we stayed at the Hyatt in New Brunswick, New Jersey near a convenient train into the city. Also nearby was a Cajun restaurant with tasty blackened salmon and unintentional hilarity from the jackass at the next table, who felt the need to slip fndragon this note:

Yes, I saved it and scanned it because truth really is that strange. The waiter and her boss got a good laugh out of it as well.

Anyway, onto Avenue Q. Totally worth it. The actors carry the puppets around with them, and their own expressions and gestures truly bring the characters to life. Cartoon homages to Sesame Street are shown now and then, obviously featuring a different sort of humor. Counting down from five nightstands to one - do the math. The performers have an obvious blast onstage, and there's nothing quite like the energy of such a fun performance. Even though I heard that porn song about half a billion times prior, it was nowhere near ruined for me. YouTube's just not the same as seeing it live.

After that, dinner at Pongsri Thai Restaurant (YUMMY) and a helter skelter kind of lazy Sunday with setupweasel. The New York subway system is arcane to the uninitiated, surprisingly straightforward and fun with a knowledgeable guide. Dive down the stairwell tucked away on the street corner! Await the train in the roaring hot belly of the beast! Enjoy the nifty mosaics en route to your stop! First up was mexcellent lunch in Harlem (tasty grilled veggie burrito + best green salsa ever) and a tiny video game store stuffed to the ceiling with rare vintage merchandise I had never heard of. A guy in our general age group was in there giving his kids a tour of the good old days. After that was the glorious mayhem of Chinatown and setupweasel's open mic performance at Comix. He entertained us. Some others, not as much, but it was free (including bonus mixed drinks), so I won't complain.

On Monday, we met up with onezumi and Harknell to goof around at the Keansburg Amusement Park. We ate way too much fried food, including corn fritters, Oreos, and a Twinkie that was basically the atomic bomb of the grease world, and went in this nifty little herky jerky cars-on-a-track spook house where the operator jumped out at us at the end for an extra bonus. All in all, it was a most excellent afternoon of catching up - and a perfect end to a great trip.
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