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OK Mr. Sunshine indeed

The longer I put off updating, the more intimidated I get. And the more I feel the need to sum up all the most recent goings-on in detail that nobody really cares about. So let's just say that everything's coming up Milhouse. OK, so the heat wave rolled into town and one of our air conditioners is off for now because it needs a good cleaning. The house is well insulated enough that this hasn't bothered me all that much.

I HAS A JOB. It's scientific programming that I'm still very much in the process of wrapping my brain around. Money's good, vacation is excellent, and I have my own office with a door. It's small, green, and windowless, but it affords me that privacy and quiet time that I like so much.

Hobby-wise, I've mostly been writing and drawing. Resonance is chugging along - slowly - and I've gotten into Three Kingdoms-era historical research. First off, I was curious about what actually happened way back when. Initial reading required more context, which was like Pringles. Once I popped, I couldn't stop. I also had some ideas for writing about interesting generals in plausibly accurate detail. I don't know of much serious fiction about that era other than Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which skips over a lot and takes liberties with the facts for the sake of a story. Some generals are built up as heroes despite some major real life failings. Others are anywhere from dumbed down to set on fire and chucked out of an airplane with some dynamite strapped to them for good measure. RoTK is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in the era. Still, I would like to see more in-depth and realistic looks at the historical figures that intrigue me the most - from underrated talents to men who inspired legends even if the reality does not quite match up. (Guan Yu, I'm looking at you.)

Drawing is just dirt fricking slow, but that's OK. It's productive slow. I'm the sort of person who would rather learn a lot on one long-term project than do a bunch of little ones. So I sketched out two fully armored posed figures and then decided to make a version 2.0 because my line art felt too fussy and stiff. This newer one is going far better. It's taking a while, especially since I kept finding proportion and perspective issues to fix, but a lot of that time was spent figuring out how to represent stuff like soft cloth edges and facial features that seem more realistic than cartoony-symbolic. I've made a bunch of progress in a line art style that feels right to me, so hooray for that. Beards are still danged difficult to draw, but I'm getting better. I hope.

Now that my gym got a set of rings, I've been working on my next holy grail of bodyweight exercises - the muscle-up. Grab the rings. Chin up, pull through, finish on top with your arms straight down at your sides. I can do some ring chins and dips to reasonable depth, but that danged transition is going to take me a while. At least the ring dips are a nice intermediate step to be proud of.
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