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Anonymous, we love you, you giant fuckin' A

I need to make a happy update post because life is good.

But for now, let's all raise a glass to 4chan. An animal has been rescued, and a psycho-in-training will be in a stadium full of shit very, very soon.

Kenny Glenn, boy genius, got the fantabulous idea to videotape himself abusing the family cat. He posted it to YouTube in apparent hopes of being awarded some Internet prize by other knuckle-dragging cretins like himself. The video got removed - but not before being viewed by thousands of appalled people.

Enter the /b/ channel. Googling and guesswork found Myspace, Facebook, and other profiles with pictures matching the rooms shown in the video. Long story short, the cat was confiscated and the little shit's sad-ass excuse for a parental figure doesn't understand what the big deal is. DURR HURR IT'S JUST A CAT. With such guidance, no wonder little Kenny has zero sense of empathy.

Here's to hoping that the kid gets the book thrown at him and a hefty load of therapy to boot.

Originally found here, which has a news video under the cut. I can't bring myself to watch it.
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