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There's still life in me yet

I'm not dead. Just thirty. It doesn't feel all that different, but it is strange to see the decade number flip. Give me a couple of weeks and I'll be used to it.

Work is going pretty well. I don't mind walking to and from - I like it, actually - but it would suck if it weren't for the cleated overshoes that my mom got me for Christmas. There have been so many cruddy days where I would have been sliding all over the place without those. Even so, sometimes I have to walk in yards and in the street because the sidewalk on a hill is too slippery. Central Pennsylvania winter walks can be like boring Super Mario at times. Uh oh ice slick where's a good place to go into the street yay here's some grass to walk on instead.

I've been working on some more fan art. It's taking forever. I've been really pushing myself with this piece, but I don't think that a general audience is interested in in-depth blather about perspective and line weight and flipping the picture horizontally now and then to make mistakes more obvious. I will say that I found some great stock photo sites for art reference, and the perfect casual cross-legged pose came from a naked guy on the phone. Figure models generally pose nude so you can get the anatomical structure just right. For whatever reason - probably because a common everyday object feels natural to pose with - a bunch of the models on this particular site were sitting with a phone.
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