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I HAS A JOB. It's a 3-month deal starting December 1. Hopefully it will lead to something permanent.

I'm all done with my art project. Huzzah. I finished it up with an assortment of techniques from Uncle G-funk's Big Bag of Bullshit. There's some pencil-style shading, some applied textures, some grungy splat paint used to make the helmet metal look more hammered, some regular old "painting", and light and shadow on separate layers so I could mess with it at will.

I have some more fan art ideas in mind, and I'd like to try some styles that won't take me half an eon. Then again, a lot of time was spent fixing perspective mistakes until I eventually wound up redrawing Cao Ren in a pose that was easier for me to make proper sense of. Now that I have a better idea of how to sketch out the structure and guidelines that I should have done way back in the rough drawing phase, I should do better at avoiding those issues in the first place. At least this drawing got better each time I poked at it. Sometimes they just turn into an unsalvageable mess, so you don't even get a project out of learning lessons the hard way. All in all, I'm happy with my work, and more is on the way.

Now to see if I can get NaNoWriMo done this year. I've got a write-a-thon planned for today.

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