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Elevator accident

(This entry has been significantly edited since I first posted it. I wanted to put up something more coherent than the quick and dirty addendum I made this morning.)

When I first read this news article, I got a mental picture of a bunch of students being stupidly impatient and ignoring an authority who was trying to help them. I responded with snark (which wasn't exactly comedy gold, so I don't see the point in keeping it around in here). The next morning, I read a followup article that cast the accident in a different light.

According to some of the trapped students, a person had told them how to release the elevator doors. They thought that this was the help that the RA had sent for. Also, they didn't just swing down by themselves. People on the third floor had helped them slide out of the elevator backwards. Katherine Ibanez died due to a freak accident, not a death-defying stunt.

After reading that, I don't feel right leaving the original snarky entry here anymore. I'm not going to censor the comments, and I'm certainly not trying to chastise everybody who reacted the same way I did. I just wanted to be more fair to the people involved.
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