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Car of the FUTURE

So we got our 2009 Prius today. Dark gray with coordinating cloth interior. The feature tour took longer than the paperwork. Compared to my venerable old Chevy Cavalier, the Prius is a space shuttle.

It has a big round power button, making me feel like I'm driving seriously upgraded Power Wheels.

It's quiet.

The console is a touch-screen computer with audio and climate controls on the steering wheel. The car automagically maintains the temperature you select and unlocks the doors when your key fob is nearby. I'm not concerned about the integrity of the electronics involved because Toyota has a well-earned reputation for quality. We also have a full 7-year warranty.

The storage space is smartly designed, with a variety of convenient compartments all over the car. Underneath the flat, carpeted trunk floor, you'll find copious utility space for tools and emergency stuff. Up front? A double decker glove compartment, spacious center console with a line in to the stereo (great for stashing my iPod on trips), and even a pocket for sunglasses near the rear view mirror.

It handles responsively and well, similar to the Corollas my parents had when I was first learning to drive. There's a definite learning curve to the interface. I don't always press the Power button authoritatively enough to start the car. The backup camera is awesome, but it feels weird to be looking at the console instead of way over my shoulder. This will all be second nature soon. New owner LOLWUT hasn't worn off yet.

So far - A++++ WOULD BUY AGAIN.
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