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Where the world bleeds white

The snow is hitting State College more than I'd hoped it would, and the roads were starting to turn crappy as I left work, but I just couldn't resist hitting Michael's to look for cosplay stuff. I'm really glad I went - the roads were well on their way to shittacular when I left the store, and now I have a bunch of supplies to keep me busy over the weekend:

- Large unfinished wooden beads for the necklace and hairdo.
- A pound of beige Sculpey. The plain stuff is much cheaper than the already-colored clay, and I wanted to paint it anyway so it would wind up matching the round beads perfectly, so there ya go.
- A basic set of acrylics.
- A little plastic palette.
- A sheet of wire mesh. It's light and easy to sculpt, so I think it would work well as a base for the giant headband horn.
- A cheapo bag of plastic clay tools.
- A set of small synthetic brushes.

Not only that, my fake fur swatches from Mendel's arrived, so I can now decide exactly what kind I like best and then order it. w00t for that. *gets into planning mode*
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