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Work gym pull weeds poke at writing practice piano. Hang out with friends. Play video games.

I should at least post stupid videos or weird news or something.

I put up another chapter of Resonance. (If you like Silent Hill and haven't checked out my story, please take a look.) The next few are going to take some time. Though I have them planned and I've become more efficient at editing rough ideas into reasonably polished prose, I'm intimidated at the thought of getting them just right.

Also in-progress - the Warriors Orochi chaos mode FAQ. Now that's going to take me a while because it involves writing out analysis and strategies for all 79 characters in the game. We have most of the material assembled, but organization and editing is a pain. At least it will be epic when complete. Our (well, mostly calbee219's) no-pickup solo run tier list is the bomb, yo.

I have to get back to SW2 because I said I'd help with the tiers for that game. I haven't even unlocked chaos mode in that, much less acquired the skills and setup to play character at their best. I'll get there eventually. Heck, I started Warriors Orochi on easy just to mess around, and look where it got me.

I finished my skirt pattern. *cue Zelda opening the chest music interrupted by GUTSMAN'S ASS* Since then, I've been much more interested in writing than pattern-making. Eh, I just roll with whatever I want to do.

Yay Ernie and Thar coming up this week. Yay beer fest. BALLS BALLS PYLONS BALLS.
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