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09 July 2008 @ 10:21 pm
It sucks to have cosplay motivation dependent on convention plans. On one hand, it makes sense to prioritize hobbies and all. However, it means that if no plans come about, stuff never gets done. Having run out of steam on writing and various other creative endeavors, I decided to fix that.

I officially got back to work on Zhu Rong. When I left off, I had marked the bottom of the skirt. I still had to finalize that bottom line and move the darts up to the waist. Tonight, I finished the rough cut of the skirt pattern. Expect a picture of said pattern after I finish tracing it.

Chester still doesn't understand the principle of "no, it is not helpful for you to get into pins and assorted tape scraps, so I have to work with the door shut".

And I just dug up my quilt fabric. Without any concrete plans for group sewing, I hadn't bothered to wash it. If I wash the fabric, perhaps I can work on the quilt incrementally if weekends continue to be busy.
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