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Obligatory random update

aitai was up last weekend and we had a fricking awesome time. Hooray for late night walks, cookies, and brand new fandom-related inside jokes as always. Exit Only signs will never be the same again.

When you keep your back yard mowed, exercising in it is quite nice. I'm thinking of getting some portable gymnastic rings to do pull-ups and dips using my basement's exposed ceiling I-beam. My gym is going 24-7 next week, which is also awesome. I love to exercise at weird hours, and it's nice to be able to work late without worrying about making it to the gym.

Lately, my main creative interest has been writing. I made a weapon upgrading FAQ for Warriors Orochi 2. That inspired me to overhaul my early guides that I hadn't touched in over six years. I cleaned up my Addams Family and Goonies II walkthroughs this week. Now I'm working on my Addams Family house map. It looks infinitely better now.

I also have some in-progress horror for the curious. Some of you have seen this link already, but I never posted it to the internets. (Hi, Mom!) It's non-gory psychological stuff, probably more spooky than outright scary at this point in the tale. If anybody is interested, I can update whenever I add more to this document. I have a much longer draft that I'm taking this material from.

Resonance (Public Beta)
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