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Though I'm not a fan of excessive sun or heat, there's something amazingly cheerful about the first hot, bright days of the year.

The Orochi sequel is here. I'll eventually post detailed thoughts on the game engine tweaks and character updates. For now, let's just say that Cao Ren got equipped with a win button. His spread shot Mega Buster barrage special is just ridiculously awesome. Apart from Rockman, my other current favorite assclowns are Musashi Miyamoto (pretty good huh?) and Xu Huang (he's GRRRREAT!) There are some new characters that I've unlocked, but none of them have really grabbed me yet.

The difficulty seems to have gone down, which annoys me. I'm all for making games accessible to newcomers, but I don't like losing my optional challenges. Dynasty Warriors 5 struck an excellent balance. If all you wanted to do was unlock all the characters and go through their storylines, you could play on Easy. You had to go to higher difficulties for better weapons and items, but those weren't necessary for a complete newbie who just wanted to mess around. Chaos mode was truly tough and totally optional, even for completionists. Every single item in the game could be unlocked without any chaos gameplay at all. Warriors Orochi was similar. You didn't have to play on chaos, and it was difficult to get into.

On the other hand, Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin forces you to complete battles on all difficulties to unlock certain stuff. That's probably why they nerfed chaos. I really wish they would have kept it optional instead of something else to grind. This is the one series I like playing at a high level. Can nobody provide me with a decent challenge?

Last weekend, my mom and I went to Selinsgrove for local beer and assorted wandering around. I had some powerful sour cherry + tripel concoction. Good stuff. Selinsgrove has a few interesting stores, like the place where I bought some paper made of recycled elephant poop. One of these weekends, I must return with j00licious to check out the quilt and yarn store and assorted thrift shops.

Speaking of quilts, I will finish that one I bought material for two years ago. RLY.

And on a completely random note - duck and cover. I HAS FANFICTION.NET ACCOUNT. My goofy ideas might be sporadic and far between, but it's nice to keep them organized. Thus far, I posted an updated draft of Orochi Party Time. There are some new scenes, so check it out if you liked what I posted here earlier. As far as non-doofy writing is concerned, I'm still hammering away at that and working on getting the in-progress cohesive stuff into an easily shared form.
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