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Wow. Stuff worth reporting.

I've poked at forum sig banners in the past. Lately I've really gotten back into it, making some new banners and tutorials to go along with them. Check them out if you're interested.

Lu Meng - Misty Moon (stock manipulation)

Cao Ren - Heavy Metal Matador (C4D composition)

House redecoration is moving along again. I realized that part of the issue is that we need specific pieces of furniture to take care of eyesores like the Plastic Crates 'n Floor storage solution for our TiVo and various consoles. We bought a corner TV stand. Ogre is amused by the terminology thereof because our TV won't actually be sitting on it. Let's just call it a TV altar. It has to be built, so it won't be here for a couple of months.

I did ten chin-ups without letting go of the bar. Way back when I first did ten in a single workout, I felt like Wonder Woman. Needless to say, this is epic.

As to work apeshittery - long story short, we kicked ass and life is good.

As to assorted Koei game fandom - the Warriors Orochi sequel is out in Japan. Various online friends have been posting videos. I can't take it any more. I bought the treasure box with shiny awesome character cards and all. We will get the game to work somehow, even if we have to replace our cranky PS2, and the cards will be scanned for the enjoyment of all. So I'll miss out on the amusement value of the corny crossover dialog, but the essentials are easy enough to understand with a translation FAQ.
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