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Europe wrapup

I've been lazy about finishing my trip report. So here goes.

This is the castle we spent a night in. This is our room. There's more to it than that - a marble-tiled bathroom and a balcony with nifty views of the surrounding countryside. Dinner and breakfast at the castle was fantastic, too. All in all, it was cozy, romantic, and gorgeous. A+++ would go again.

On the way back up to Wiesbaden, we stopped at a few towns along the Rhine. In Rudesheim, we toured the torture museum. I've long known of the sick and disgusting things that human beings can inflict upon others, but it was still disturbing, especially because the museum included material about torture still going on today. The German exhibit cards were generally above my reading level because they were stuffed with unfamiliar vocabulary difficult to pick up from context, but eh, I tried. Many of them had English translations nearby.

And after that - Switzerland. We were supposed to go hiking. A blizzard put a stop to that, and since it was the off season before winter, most of the stores were closed. I dug up a condensed German translation of John Grisham's The Client in our cabin and did a decent job at reading it. We stopped at a mountain with several towns at varying elevations, all only accessible by cable car. The car ride was fun. Too bad the town we went up to had literally nothing open except the hotels. At least there were mountain views and a snow-covered cemetery to look at. I didn't really feel like playing in the snow because we get enough of it in central PA, and I was feeling traveled out and disconnected at that point. It's fun to go places, but I don't like being away from my normal sleep, food, and life schedule for too long.

Otto's still makes my favorite hefeweizen, though that banana stuff is a close second. None of the Kasespaetzle I ate came close to Herwig's. Boxed Kaiserschmarren is surprisingly good. Roesti is a tasty cheese and potato extravaganza. I know what I like, and I like a lot of it.

The plane ride back was crowded but otherwise OK. No complaints about the food. We had plenty of kitty attention after getting home. Good thing we scheduled two full days off after returning because it took a day to get my system back on schedule, and it was great to have an extra day to chill. It's no fun to rush back to work.
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