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Europe (part 1)

I'm typing this on the computer in a Roman bed & breakfast. The keyboard takes some getting used to. Hooray for being able to catch up on LJ and all my random message board discussions. Yes, I am a dorko, but this lets me save my paperbacks for the train. I already read most of my German Xbox 360 magazine. I understand about 90% of it without having a dictionary handy. Not bad at all. And I did get to conduct some minor transactions auf Deutsch.

So...yeah. Update time.

I can't believe I slept for half of an 8-hour redeye flight. I am awesome.

Wine is cheaper than pop. And at least the same price as water. Hence the mood.

Bananaweizen is beer milkshake crack.

There's a lot of good fish in Italy.

My feet are tired.

Rome is sort of like E. Carson Street x 1000 with assorted ancient ruins mixed in. One of said ruins is a cat sanctuary. I have pictures. I also have pictures of the bell tower we climbed in Florence. 414 steps = happy fun awesome tired calves great view.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa scares me. You walk up all these stairs feeling tipsy because they're slanted. Then you squeeze up a skinny staircase (Ogre had to turn sideways because his shoulders are too wide) and are on top with a chest high railing between you and certain death. I'm glad we went up, but yeah...unsettling.

Tomorrow? The Vatican. Later? More ancient Roman stuff. Now? Chill time and zzzzzzzz
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