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Fine college journalism strikes again

Yeah. I still read the Daily Collegian, mostly because I went to Penn State and the town ate me. I don't expect New York Times material, but I do expect cohesive material without a crock of victim-blaming horseshit on top.

So I read this editorial about pedestrian accidents. It goes to list a few - including several that were all over the news and found to be the driver's fault - and then blathers about the need for personal responsibility on the part of people crossing the street.

Do many people in this town forget what red and green are or just fail to give a rat's ass? Sure, and I think they all need to go back to kindergarten and hold the teacher's hand until they learn that it's a damn bad idea to randomly saunter out in front of large moving objects against a light. But why only harp on the need for pedestrians to watch themselves? The implication chafes my ass with a barbed-wire belt sander.

Seven years ago, I was at a crosswalk on a 1-way 2-lane 25 mile per hour main street known for heavy pedestrian traffic. Except for a Jeep in the close lane sitting back from the crosswalk waiting for us, the street was clear several blocks down. I walked past the Jeep and got swept off my feet onto the hood of a car. Buh sky it's like I fell off my snowboard uh oh asphalt please neck don't snap sliiiiiide.

DURR HURR BARNEY MR. ROGERS LOL. The hell? I was in a crosswalk. The street was clear. Excuse the fuck out of me for following standard street crossing procedure and lacking the ability to enter into a Vulcan mind meld with a driver who managed to appear in the 2 seconds when I wasn't actively watching the far lane. I paid attention. I still got hit. I don't need to go back to kindergarten, but maybe someone needs to stuff a sock in it.
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