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y helo thar 4th wedding anniversary. We went to Otto's. I had beer. We're going out to a movie in an hour or so.

Also, Orochi Warriors is the bleeping win. 70+ characters to play. So much leveling, weapon farming, and maxing out to be had. At first, the battles felt slow (I was used to Dynasty Warriors 5 and its hordes of enemies who fall over when sneezed on), but after beefing up some characters and abilities, I can kill much faster and it seems like a proper beat 'em up peon-smashing good time.

OW inspired me to make some Cao Ren wallpaper to cheer up my apeshit work self. (Don't get me wrong. Work is great. Just nuts right now because I am partially in charge of a monster project. I put on my robe and wizard hat.) 1280x1024 PNG - feel free to download if you wish. I basically squished a bunch of tutorials as I saw fit. The gallery description explains the gist of what I did. It was fun and not really that difficult - just time-consuming because I experimented a crapton to see which techniques I liked best.

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