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Beer bus! Beer bus is fun to ride!

I totally forgot to write about this. For almost a week. Bad bad G-funk.

Last Saturday, Otto's ran a bus tour of three local breweries: Bullfrog (in Williamsport), Abbey Wright (also in Williamsport) and Selin's Grove (in Selinsgrove). The price included Otto's beer aboard the bus, a travel mug in which to keep said beer, and as much bottled water as we wanted. The tour organizers are wise in the ways of hydration.

Overall, it was fun. I didn't want to go overboard because the thought of being stuck in a moving vehicle feeling ill doesn't quite appeal to me, so Ogre and I each had one beer per stop plus an Otto's beer on the bus. I liked all the beers I tried, but the wheat beer types had a sort of spiciness to them, so they didn't displace any of my favorites. I prefer my wheat beers smooth like Otto's makes them. (Otto's hefeweizen, which was available on the bus, is probably my most favoritest brew ever.)

My #1 tour beer was Abbey Wright vanilla stout - velvety smooth with a strong vanilla and chocolate flavor and basically zero bitterness. I always liked the texture of cream stout - not so much the hops - so this was awesome. Funnily enough, the strawberry wheat (my choice at that stop) was Ogre's favorite. Perhaps we should have switched glasses after tasting the beers.

Due to the nifty food (platter of locally made bread and cheese, vegetarian 3-bean chili, tasty hummus, lots of other good-looking stuff), I liked Selin's Grove best, even before we all got back on the bus and learned that they had gifted all of us with a free pint glass. My mom thought it sounded pretty good, so we'll be making a return trip next time she visits.

Downsides - my iPod battery croaked before takeoff. Lunch was small and my intestines felt vaguely cranky all day because I'm not used to having multiple beers after anything less than a large meal. And I can't for the life of me use a bus bathroom with the hoot 'n holler peanut gallery carrying on inches from me. The bus crowd was well-behaved overall, but some people were in more of a party mood than others. At least we were only in the bus for 1 1/2 hours at a time tops, so it wasn't a major deal.
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