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I can has overly cute lunch!

My bento order arrived last weekend. I was all too excited to pack lunch this morning. I didn't have time to take pictures, but since lunch was more functional than pretty, it's not a major loss.

Large tier - 1 cup of cottage cheese, 1 egg muffin
Small tier - Blueberries, 1 egg muffin
Total - 450ish calories, 50 g protein

For the egg muffins, I used a recipe from Kalyn's Kitchen. The muffins turned out pretty well (they taste like mini omelettes) and the prep time (25 minutes, mainly because I was slow and clumsy at beating eggs and filling the muffin cups) was well worth the results. I'll definitely make another batch when I'm done with the frozen leftovers.

I don't expect lunch to get super duper adorable until I become more efficient at packing it. My immediate goal is to make it habitual and try out more easy-to-cook foods that fit well with the "high protein, medium overall caloric content" goal. Smart Dogs and fake meat slices are obvious choices (especially because I have a brand new wiener cutter...huh huh huh). I want to try pressing and marinating some tofu, and I suspect that grilled tilapia and rice could work OK as next-day leftovers.
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