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I really need to write in here more

Gah, I suck. I haven't been blabbering like I should. It's not as if there's much exciting going on in my life, though, so it's no big loss. Recent highlights of La Vida G-funk include the following:

Lifting was starting to make me owey in a bad way, so I'm taking a week off and then starting the 6-week cycle over again. Some Googling on revealed that it's not uncommon to burn yourself out on the medium days of the routine I use. I should have been more conservative with those. I'm happy, though, because I worked up to some new personal records.

Bench press 1RM - 105 pounds
Deadlift 3RM - 175 pounds
Squat 3RM - 135 pounds
Chinup ladder total reps - 7

So w00t for that. Also, w00t for me getting almost to the end of Silent Hill 3 at this LAN party I went to last weekend. I'm not much for multiplayer computer shooting and war games, but Jeff brought his PS2 and hooked it up to Sinistar's big-screen TV, so we had a good time playing Soul Calibur 2, Karaoke Revolution, and, of course, the aforementioned freaky horror game. It was great having people around to help me with a door puzzle and listen to me swear up a storm when the goddamn fucking piece of shit cheap-ass Red Mist of Death ate me yet another time. (Actually, people heard me yelling at the TV and came out to see what I was angry about...and right after that, I successfully evaded said mist. Yay for productive performance anxiety. ^_^)

One of our wedding gifts was an incredibly kickass blender. We finally started experimenting with shake making last week, and now I'm addicted. Two scoops of flavored, sweetened protein powder + 8 ounces of milk + a few ice cubes + a piece of fruit or other flavoring (a heaping tablespoon of sugar-free pudding works, and so do extracts) = a really quick, nutritious meal that tastes like junk food. The thing is easy to clean, and it's saving me a ton of money because I don't have to run off to Smoothie King after every workout. *huggles the blender*
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