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Gratuitous update




We biked over to Arts Fest. I bought a spiffy Friendswood Broom (temporarily parked at Ogre's office because I didn't want him to try to drag it home on a bike) and dropped off my Piper Sandals to be resoled. I also grabbed a bunch of artists' business cards. We spotted a few pieces that I thought would look great in the living room, but I don't really know what sizes would work yet. It seems much easier to browse the art online and make a decision later. All I know is that I'm looking for some form of colorful nature photography or painting, and I'm leaning toward close-ups of flowers and whatnot because they wouldn't look busy and lost next to our curtains. Something like a landscape would look cool on the fireplace wall, but I don't have any grand master plan for that area yet. (Right now, it's temporary storage for our old book shelves full of DVD's.)

The broom makers put on a nifty demonstration of their craft. They passed out bits of broom corn afterwards. We took one because we thought the cats would like it. Ogre kept swatting me with it. I got him back with the broom. Tee hee.

I haven't felt like doing much with the house lately, though I decided that I really, really want a Stickley desk. If you aren't familiar with Stickley, they make simple, classic, insanely well-crafted solid wood furniture in Mission/Arts & Crafts styles. Said furniture is not cheap, but if you like the style, it's worthwhile because it will basically last for infinity and beyond.

I can now squat 150 pounds and bench press 115. And I'm at a point where my grip is limiting my deadlift. I went for 215 during the most recent CrossFit Total (a 1-rep max strength test for three different lifts) and dropped it halfway up. Blergh. 210 isn't a bad place to be. My long-term exercise goal is to get to the advanced level of Mark Rippetoe's strength standards. I'm intermediate at everything but the power clean, but that's more of a technique problem than a strength problem. I just learned the lift back in late March, and I need more practice.

Gotta get back to cosplay, dang it.

I've been steadily working on my writing, singing, and piano playing. I rediscovered my high range. It's nothing truly epic, but my useful range is now about 2 octaves. Hooray for warming up and being less lazy about practicing.

Hobby ADD is rearing its head again. Some of you have talked about bento box lunches, but I didn't bother to find out what they were until recently. SQUEEEEEE. They look so cute and nutritious and tasty, and I've seen some that would be easy to put together if you got in the habit of keeping the right leftovers: rice and grilled fish (or tofu or whatnot) in the bottom, an assortment of berries and banana slices on top. We always have fruit, we often have cooked rice in the fridge, and I think I can get off my lazy butt and cut up a cube of tofu and lightly stir-fry it or whatever.
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