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Yarrrr! Pirate booty!

I've been scouring the internets and assorted retail establishments for something nifty to serve as a night table. I'd been hoping to find a restored steamer trunk or something similar. Assuming the piece appealed to me aesthetically, it had to be flat enough to put my alarm clock on, close to some standard nightstand height, and within my price range. I do love the camel hump chests (huh huh I said hump), but they're not very practical as night tables.

I just ordered this. The style appeals to me, the dimensions work well, and the price is right. It actually costs less than the wood blanket chests I was considering.

Yay for exposed wood and colors that go with everything! Yay for simple, classic styling! Yay for a subtly curved top that I can still put things on! Yay for lacking details that are irrelevant to me and drive up the cost of the piece! There are restored trunks out there with original fabric interiors, lithographs, and other features that cost a boatload because they're rare to find in restorable condition or time-consuming to restore. This trunk has a nice finish, and the interior is smooth and clean enough to store blankets in. Works for me.
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