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Fun with bedroom furniture

So I'm trying to figure out how to pull the bedroom together. We already have four traditional but not fussy pieces in a cherry finish: a long set of drawers about 36" high, a taller bureau, a night stand, and a headboard. All except the headboard were bought as a set.

From what I've seen of Vaughan's website, they no longer make the exact style of furniture we have. I don't terribly mind. Matching bedroom furniture can be quite nice, but I don't want everything in the room to look the same. I want to add two pieces that coordinate and don't seem out of place.

First off, we need something on the other side of the bed to conveniently hold an alarm clock. (We each have our own.) The bureau is too tall for that. Ogre is happy with a stack of plastic crates, but you can guess how well that goes with my vision of the room. My favorite item seen thus far is an Amish-made storage chest. It lacks the bottom curlicue of our bedroom set, but the beveled panel detail would coordinate well. I'd actually use it to store sheets and blankets and whatnot, so it would be practical. I've seen restored and new wooden steamer trunks that I like the look of, so I also have those to consider.

As for the second item, I don't even know what to get. I don't think we'll need a bunch of extra storage space for clothes, but we might once Ogre gets his laundry backlog organized. It might be cool to have a long bookshelf with doors on the bottom so we could have a place for books and extra clothes if necessary.

And this is where all y'all come in. (Ogre's standard response to these questions is "Whatever you want, honey.") I mocked up the room's arrangement in Inkscape, a free cross-platform SVG editor, and exported the mockup. The bed is green. The reddish pieces are the existing furniture. Everything else is hypothetical: an area rug (large grayish rectangle), the trunk I linked to earlier (brown rectangle), and lamps (yellow circles). The blue rectangles are windows, and I can't put anything in front of the smaller one because the air conditioner is stuck in the wall underneath it. The bottom wall has a wide closet and the door.

I would appreciate any ideas for practical furniture to fill the space on the right wall. Links to specific products aren't necessary (though they would be appreciated). I'm mainly curious about what you would put in that space if it were your room. The space is about 5' long and 1.5' wide. I wouldn't worry too much about the furniture's height. If it looks too short next to the bureau, we can balance the space with wall-mounted artwork or something.

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