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Another bowling season come and gone

Today was the last night of the summer Sunday bar league. I had one good game, one great one (which included a double strike), and one shitty one (24 points below my average, which isn't so great to begin with = bleh). My forearm is tired, a spot on my thumb hurts, and I have random back and knee grumpiness, so my mood is rather meh right now. After I bug the Randox for a back massage, I'll feel better, and then I can be happy because there's another summer Sunday night league starting August 3, so I don't have to go without organized bowling for too long. They do have weeknight leagues, but I like Sunday nights much better because they don't interfere with my workout schedule, and they're much rowdier and sillier. I subbed for one of Rando's teammates on a Wednesday evening once, and though the people who bowled in the league were friendly, the atmosphere was calm and sedate. This is good for practicing, but it's not nearly as fun as swearing at the pins and loudly yucking it up with people you recognize from last season or even just a random team that seems to be having a good time.
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