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In which my useless knowledge comes in handy to someone

The Addams Family is a Super Nintendo game that, despite being borne of a movie license, does not suck. In fact, it rules. With its well-programmed engine, player-friendly game design, and insanely huge and detailed map, it's just fun to get lost in. The game's plethora of secrets range from small caches of extra points to hidden rooms and passages, and goofing around is the most reliable way to find many of these on your own. I played the game for months and still didn't find the very last of the hidden rooms without help from other people online. After all these years, it's still one of the first that comes to mind whenever the subject of unknown and underrated games arises.

A long while ago, I wrote a walkthrough and mapped the entire mansion, and I submitted this work to GameFAQs. I knew the game well enough that the most tedious part was figuring out how to format said map in a text document.

Just this past week, I got an email from Deign, who was interested in doing a tool-assisted speed run. He found a way to glitch into the final area, and this is the result. He didn't need most of my walkthrough after all, but I'm amused that my easy-to-explain way through the convoluted chain area wound up being the fastest for him. And I'm really amused to watch Gomez flying around like crazy.
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