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Office space, part 2

After all my frustrations at trying to remove the useless brackets inside my office closet, fndragon had at it and got them out in short order. King Kong-installed hardware doesn't stand a chance against an ogre with a full-sized screwdriver. I hadn't been using the good screwdriver because I had no idea where it was. At least the hardware is gone now.

Behold...the bland ickiness of the current design scheme.

Needless to say, the curtains are going, as are the ugly utilitarian wall-mounted shelves. The walls will be painted medium Delft blue - Benjamin Moore Mediterranean Sky. I'm not sure of the exact colors I want for the trim and ceiling, but the overall scheme will be blue, bluish-gray, and some coordinating almost white color.

The closet will get some classic-looking bifold doors. I'm undecided on painted vs. dark stained wood. The closet front opening was lowered an inch with a long wooden strip to hide the track for the now-dead sliding bypass doors, and the casing was installed close to that opening. As result, said casing is noticeably lower than that of the other nearby doors. That irritates me. If I restore the opening height and redo the casing, it will look better and make it easier to fit the doors vertically. (And this entire exercise will be practice for redoing the bedroom closet, which has the same problem.)

I'm not sure where my desk and keyboard will ultimately reside. I may install attractive wall-mounted shelving at some point.

And I'm thinking of making this room my personal project. After discovering that a basic compound miter saw is within our budget, reading umpty billion howtos, and being reassured by skurtchasor, I'm not afraid of base molding or door casing any more. It really doesn't look that hard. If I screw it up bigtime, I can always pry it off and call in a pro to redo it, and the house won't explode in the meantime. The room is quite small, so it wouldn't take forever and a day to paint. I could work in incremental steps that wouldn't leave my room in a dangerous or inconvenient state. I also wouldn't have to worry about coordinating other people's work.

I don't expect to do much in the near future other than plan, as we'll be out two weekends next month. It's still fun to plan. Weeeee.
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