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Yesterday I discovered that I can bowl decently after setting a new record for unassisted chin-ups in a single workout. Over 26 minutes, I did forty.

I'm being a lazy dookyhead about going through the few boxes of stuff that remain. At least I took some more steps toward redecorating the bedrooms. I yanked out the bedroom valance rods, which was easier than I thought it would be. The crappy plastic wall anchors on one bracket pulled out of the wall entirely without any prompting from me. I have to dig the rest out, which I'm told is pretty straightforward, but that weak spot will have to be spackled.

I have to photograph some of the remaining curtains before I take them down. These atrocious rectangular giant floral print valances must be seen to be believed.

I started thinking about the design scheme for my office. I'm leaning toward some fusion between contemporary and endearingly retro. The windows will be bare or maybe dressed up with scarf valances or nice-looking shades. The bleh utilitarian adjustable wall shelves are getting DAS BOOT, but I need space for my books before I do that. I may replace one side of those with good-looking wall-mounted shelves. I also want to try to conveniently hide as many of my supplies as possible. My wire rack is handy dandy and awesome, but it seems overwhelming now that I look at it. It will fit in the closet, though, and that space can be reorganized. As long as I have a cat-proof place to park my dress form, store a 5' wide roll of Volara foam, and hang up fabric for current projects, the general storage scheme of stuff is wide open to negotiation.
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