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I did a total of 84 push-ups tonight. On my toes. Not all at the same time, but that's a lot and I'm happy.

Maybe 2-3 weeks ago, I hit a deadlift one-rep max of 210 pounds. (I weigh 156.) Tomorrow's workout is deadlift single reps. Let's see if I can beat that.

Can we tell I'm happy with CrossFit?

You all are probably getting tired of my living room rambles, but I still haven't picked out an area rug. That perty calla lily rug is 8'x11', which is unfortunately HUEG LIKE XBOX in the space that the rug is for. Sigh. I mean, it fits, but a foot of it would stick out beyond a couch (unless I want to pull said couch way far away from the TV). Since the other couch would only have its front legs on the rug (otherwise it would be too close to the TV), this would look unbalanced. It does come in 8' round, but then about half of it would be under the coffee table. I suppose I could put a sofa table or bookshelf on the errant stripe of rug behind the couch, but that would go right up to the edge of the dining area, and I'm afraid it would seem to encroach.

During the process of marking rug corners with tape and shoving the furniture around, I discovered that I liked expanding the couch and table area to some extent. I pulled the couches out from the walls, which left room for end tables and filled the living room space better. With this arrangement, an 8'x10' rug is just about right.

I started looking at rugs by style and dimension, and I liked this Arts & Crafts/art deco-ish rug right away. The pattern won't compete with the curtains, and the colors coordinate with what is already in the room. Opinions would be welcome.
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