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Pimping the crib

fndragon's mom (Barbara) and her husband (Bill) came up this weekend to help us weed and mulch and trench and generally get our yard in shape. It actually looks quite nice now, and it will be easy to keep that way. We put newspaper under the mulch, which majorly helps with weed control. The yard already has a good population of hardy plants thanks to the previous owners (who knew what they were doing in that regard, so hooray for that), and I would like to add some more to the bare spots in our front flower bed. Interestingly enough, our cool next door neighbors did something similar last year. They, like us, would have trouble with things getting overgrown and try to get said things under control when the borough health department gave out warnings for overgrown vegetation. And then they did a bunch of mulching and planting and prioritized maintaining it, and THEY HAS A YARD. We will too. Yard work is beyond irritating when you spend a ton of time on it and never seem to get anywhere, which is why I used to avoid it like the plague. When you make actual progress, it's pretty cool.

The couches and table have arrived. The worst part was getting the boxes upstairs. Once we assembled one couch, the second one went together quickly. And they're awesome. The support is solid like a futon but more cushy. The thick, firm cushions don't slide around because the seat and back support boards are wrapped with heavy-duty upholstery fabric. To top it all off, the new conversation area takes up less space than I thought it was going to, so there is room to shuffle things around.

I'm working on pictures.
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