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Things are happening

Comfy 1 called. Our furniture (two sage green Virginia couches and a 4' square coffee table) is ready for delivery. When it gets here, there will be pictures. I'm going with that flower area rug. The furniture may beat it here, but that's OK.

Our kitchen faucet busticated over the weekend. It was easier to buy a new one, and I like the style of the replacement much better anyway. The broken faucet was shiny chrome with a rotating hot/cold handle and a white plastic extend-a-spout that sprayed. The replacement has a brushed stainless finish, individual hot and cold handles, a tall arched spigot, and a separate sprayer. The old faucet wasn't actively fugly, but it didn't look that great, either. The new one has simple classic lines. And the sprayer sprays way better, too. Props to my ogre and zeriel for making the switcheroo. I helped by handing towels around and failing to locate the proper sized wrench within Ogre's 391238-piece socket set.
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