The Heavy Metal Matador (rydain) wrote,
The Heavy Metal Matador

Floor renovation - day 3

Yesterday, I got to talk to the floor people and find out exactly how strange our subfloor used to be. The vinyl part between the kitchen and the bathroom was higher than the surrounding plywood, and the previous carpet installers had just shimmed down from it. We therefore had a speed bump in the hallway. It's all gone and leveled now.

As far as I can tell, we're done shuffling things around for now. We got all the non-furniture out of our bedroom, which is the last room to be done in wood. My office and the living/dining area are nearly complete. The front hallway has some sort of tile foundation made out of mesh and a mixture that looks like cement.

We're staying in a hotel tomorrow night because we won't have a toilet. The installers have to prep the bathroom floor and lay the tile, and that can't be finished in a day.

The kitties seem to be doing well. Chester tends to wedge himself behind the dryer when strange people are doing work upstairs. He's out and about and sniffing now.

It's strange having your stuff packed up and piled all over the house. It feels almost like moving in because a major aspect of the house's appearance is being transformed, and having most of your belongings out of rooms and closets gives you an opportunity to go through it and reorganize it. I'm looking forward to installing closet organization systems, improving my cosplay supply storage scheme, and dropping old stuff off at Goodwill. Our house has always had random pockets of disorganized mess. It will be awesome to actually plan and put things away.
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