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Floor renovation - day 1

The floor guys arrived this morning. fndragon was home sick, so he kept me updated on the goings-on.

Bad news: Our subfloor looks like ordinary plywood from the basement and from the places where things were lifted for exploratory purposes, but it was apparently cobbled together by rejected Oompa Loompas with a combined IQ smaller than my shoe size. Some of it is 1/2", some is 3/4", some is 3/4" with 1/4" on top. For extra happy fun, there was a vinyl layer between the kitchen and the bathroom that nobody had ever bothered to remove. It's getting removed now. This goofiness isn't catastrophic by any means, but it does add time and money to the project. Sigh. At least the installers know how to deal with this properly.

Good news: The dining room floor is covered. Let's just say that I came home and immediately started hollering that I HAS A FLOOR and it is the most awesomest fucking thing ever. Hickory. Is. GORGEOUS. I loved it in the pictures, but I can't get over how amazing it looks in person. It goes fabulously with the new paint and curtains. And our small house looks so much more spacious already.

More bad news: My digital camera is buried in one of our many stuff piles, so I may not get a picture right away. And I'm nowhere near done shuffling stuff. And the poor cats have to live in the basement until this is done because there are all sorts of exposed foam and tack strips and baseboard heat up here. Poor little ones. I'll hang out downstairs later and spend some time with them.
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