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I am the king of Awesome Island

Because I finally finished Round and Round Workout A. I didn't take breaks except for the standard 30 seconds or so between short sets of chin-ups. I did a total of 15 chin-ups over the course of this workout.

I did the full workout 2-3 days a week, and I practiced chin-ups and push-ups on as many non-Round and Round days as possible. Most exercise performance increase comes from improved neural efficiency, which is obtained by practicing movements. I kept the practice volume low enough so the extra upper body work helped me instead of burning me out. Basically, when you start to struggle, it's time to quit. I also did heavy squats (working up to a 3-rep max) one day each week and ran on the elliptical trainer on various other days. My elliptical workouts tend to be short and moderate to high intensity. Sometimes I do sprint intervals, sometimes I just go at a good clip for a couple of miles.

So...yeah. I like this routine, so I'm staying with it. I'll give a holler when I finish Workout B or finally manage to squat my own weight.
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