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Obligatory update

I haven't been updating because I've been boring as all hell lately.

We booked our floor renovation to start March 19. The three-person team thinks they can get it all done in four days. All we have to do is contain the kitties in the basement and move things as required. For instance, I'll have to temporarily pack my cosplay closet up for storage.

Work is still spiffy. I have the occasional late night, but I generally work a 40-hour week and feel as if I'm building and fixing as opposed to standing under a sewer pipe shoveling shit.

We're going to North Carolina to visit my dad and company in late April. It will feel almost like a late spring break. Yay fun excitement loafing around and possibly kayaking. I went on a newbie kayak adventure on a family trip to NC nine years ago, and it was great. There's nothing like paddling down a still creek with marsh grasses and trees rising on either side of you.
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