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Huh huh huh. We're getting wood.

So I had a contractor look at our existing floors. Basically, we're good to go with the hardwood and tile. We may have to have the toilet plumbing tweaked to accommodate for the extra bit of height off the floor, but that's about it. The existing carpet and pad are about as thick as the hardwood, so I doubt we'll have to have any doors rehung.

So, barring any major crises, we will be getting the following:

Front door crash pad - Daltile Gold Rush in Golden Nugget. Its main color is a paler version of the hardwood base color, and its subtle pattern doesn't compete with the prominent grain of hickory. I haven't officially chosen a tile pattern, but hopscotch is my current favorite.

Bathroom - 6" clipped corner white squares with gloss black accent dots. This is an octagon and dot pattern that will coordinate with the existing seafoam green wall tile for a funky yet classic look. We could get deep teal accent dots that look like a darker version of the wall tile, but I'm afraid that this would look too matched. Corny. You know what I'm getting at.

Everywhere else except the kitchen, which isn't getting redone - Bruce American Treasures 3/4" solid hickory strip in the skinnier width offered (what you typically imagine when you think of a hardwood floor). Here are some pictures of hickory floors. Ours will look like the lighter colored ones on that page.
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