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This is the previous owners' idea of attractive living room curtains. Pink. Hung all the way to the ceiling and far beyond the window. Totally not my style. Guess what's on TV and win a prize.

We removed most of the old hardware. The contractors dug out the bolt anchors and the screws that were driven in at some bizarre angle, and they patched everything up. After getting the room painted, it was time for new hardware...and curtains. We (mostly zeriel) got two windows done yesterday, and the rest will be finished in the near future. The curtains are hanging a bit weirdly because they've been folded up for the last few months. The right window is the same size as the window in the before picture, which gives an idea of just how widely the old curtain hardware was hung.

The rods are from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I liked the burnished dark brown metal finish and the perty mounting brackets. I ordered the curtains from Plow and Hearth. They're insulated, machine washable, and tightly woven. The cats haven't actively played with the curtains since they were wee kittens, but it's good to avoid accidental claw snags. I don't have any tiebacks, but I'll buy or make some in the near future. And that will be an excuse to photograph the gathered curtain look.
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