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I don't write in this thing nearly enough

I just realized I hadn't LJ'ed since before New Year's. Oops. Let's see...

Yuz and Bagel's New Year's party was fun. Booze, games (Tucker let everyone play with his Wii...huh huh huh), drunken conversations, random silliness...yay. Their new house highly amuses me. It has a nifty finished basement, an awesome deck with a humongous gazebo, and some hilarious interior design. I couldn't stop laughing at the actual logs nailed up above the living room windows. I'm half tempted to make a YTMND consisting of nothing but a picture of one of said windows and the Ren and Stimpy log song, but the amusement value really wouldn't be worth the effort.

We're getting our living room painted at the end of the month. The quoted labor cost is well worth the convenience of having the room completely finished in one day and not needing to do any work other than shuffling furniture around. I promise I'll post pictures when it's done.

Gym-wise - before the winter holidays, I was 10 dands away from completing Round and Round Workout A. (With a total of 14 chinups over the course of the workout.) Then break came, then my sinuses decided to fill up with glue for a few days, then I finally got back to the gym and didn't do quite that well. D'oh. I'll be back up there within a workout or two, though. Then, once I can do A reliably, it's time to start working on B. Double the volume! (for the most part!) Double the fun!

So why do I do this exactly? I like looking and feeling tough and athletic, and I'll never forget how fucking AWESOME it felt the first time tried to do a chinup after months of consistent weight training, and I was able to haul myself most of the way up the bar. (As opposed to dangling uselessly like a sandbag suspended from two wet noodles.) Plus, this particular workout keeps my upper body flexible, which prevents the imbalances that forced me into rehab a couple of years ago because most upper body lifts hurt me in a bad way.

I haven't touched any of my cosplay projects in a while. I've been in much more of a writing mood lately, and by writing I mean ruthlessly tearing out huge swaths of rough draft, filling in the space with a synopsis of what will happen, and then going back later and adding the actual writing when I feel more inspired. There's a difference between info dumping (telling what happens without truly drawing the reader into the scene) and the type of writing that I aspire to, and much of the rough draft material that I had copied and pasted seemed too info dumpy and wordy on a repeat reading. Redoing so much material frustrated me at first, but it was very well worth it, and I'm glad I broke out the chainsaw when it came time to prune.
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