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28 December 2006 @ 08:11 pm
Went to Pittsburgh for Christmas, went back up on the 26th before the snow came to town. I still can't get over this OMG don't have to go to work till Tuesday deal. I've been busy fucking up my sleep schedule and playing Twilight Princess. It seems easier now, and I'm glad I stuck with it. Still, overall, good game but not the second coming of Christ. Damn GameFAQs fankids can quit humping the disc plzthx.

I'm finally breaking into my two-year-old stash of Victory Old Horizontal. I bought some a while ago and never managed to drink much of it because it's pretty heavy. I'm sure it cured in the bottle in the meantime, but I can't remember what it originally tasted like. Silly me. In any case, it's good stuff.

I also finally picked a paint color for the living room. I tried a pale Delft blue and a somewhat deeper blue from the same strip. The pale blue will be better for the room as a whole, but the deeper blue will make a great accent for the fireplace wall. Yay for my indecisiveness and apprehension about testing paint. I had some stupid fear of messing up the wall (and the final paint job). Don't ask. I cleaned the square of wall before I painted it, so I'm sure it's fine.

Holy crap our budget will support a floor overhaul next year. OMG CAN'T WAIT. OMG HARDWOOD OMG CERAMIC BATHROOM TILE. It's going to be a real pain moving our stuff around for the renovation (we have pink wall to wall carpet over pretty much the ENTIRE FIRST FLOOR GAAAAH), but there has to be some way to do it. I have a wood product in mind (prefinished hickory - it's quite durable, and I love the variegated grain and neutral color) and bathroom tile as well (semigloss ceramic cut-cornered white squares and little black squares to make that timeless squares 'n diamonds pattern - feh, it would be better to take a picture), but I haven't figured out tile for the front entrance. I definitely want a waterproof crash pad for people to park shoes on.

Our furniture isn't here yet. It might be a while.

And for you OS X people, Quicksilver is teh win. I've only scratched the surface, but my favorite use of it is keyboard navigation for iTunes. I hit my Quicksilver launch key combo (Ctrl + space), type "it", press the right arrow, and easily navigate through playlists, artists, etc. using the keyboard. (iTunes itself does have keyboard support, but I haven't messed with that much, and it's easier through Quicksilver anyway.) Quicksilver can launch other applications and interact with them if it has the appropriate plugins.
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Andreaasd109 on December 29th, 2006 01:25 am (UTC)
Putting in new floors is on our list too, but probably not til next year. We're thinking bamboo flooring. I can't wait.

Are you going to put it in yourself or have someone come do it?

And you still need to post pictures!!!
The Heavy Metal Matador: South Park - Happyrydain on December 29th, 2006 01:47 am (UTC)
Bamboo flooring is nifty. I liked the bamboo I was looking at, and we may go with that if the 3/4" hickory planks wouldn't work for whatever reason. They'd be nailed down to a plywood subfloor above ground level, so hopefully that would be OK, but I can't be certain until I have a floor installer come and look at our place.

We'll have somebody else install the floor. Between us and our local friends, we have enough resources to handle certain DIY jobs (like fixing up the framing on the fireplace wall so it could support drywall), but it seems easiest and most worthwhile to just pay a contractor the requisite $3/square foot for floor installation, especially because our open plan house requires junctions that a pro could do a better job of. For instance, the kitchen floor (which won't be hardwood) meets the hall at an odd angle, and most of the hall will be hardwood, so wood strips will be perpendicular to other wood strips at some point. Also, if we go with the hickory, we're looking at a nail-down installation, and from what I'm reading, that isn't really DIY-friendly. (For us, at least - if you already have experience with similar installations, your mileage may vary.)

Yeah, I've been a poopyhead about picture posting. I've been laaaaazy, so there still isn't much to show. *hides head* You guys have made so much progress with your house. I'm Captain Indecisive, and the process of boxing up things for temporary storage and Goodwill is embarrassingly slow. At least I could do a before and after of the fireplace wall if you're curious, though it's still just finished drywall at this point.
Andreaasd109 on December 29th, 2006 01:54 am (UTC)
Eh, we haven't really done much since we painted (other than buying furniture). This spring is (hopefully) window replacements and putting in a french door to the patio which I am super excited about. That will be our first major change--everything else has been cosmetic.

My coworkers husband manages people who install flooring in housing developments, so we're hopefully ordering our stuff through him (cheaper!) and he can hopefully hook us up with some people looking for some extra weekend work. That way we can get some people who know what they're doing in without having to pay as much as hiring someone around here would cost. It's good to have connected friends! Hopefully he's still working there when we get around to doing the floor!
Marcmaully on December 29th, 2006 03:22 am (UTC)
I'm still waiting for my copy of Twilight Princess (GCN).

In the meantime, I'm playing Lego Star Wars II. It's a lot of fun.