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A winner is me...again

I did the last 700 words on my lunch break and went out for coffee to celebrate. To recap, Dissonance is a rubber reality horror tale. It's not very gory, and I'd rate it PG-13. I think Jacob's Ladder was the main influence this time around. Don't worry, that doesn't spoil anything.

As always, if you want to read my story, let me know. If I don't know your email address and you don't want to make it public, drop me a line at rydain at gmail dot com. Standard speed-written rough draft disclaimers apply - don't mind the clumsy wording, redundant word choices, parts that ramble on too long or could be fleshed out more, and awkward transitions. I don't expect a detailed critique, and I honestly don't want one at this stage. I'm mainly interested in general thoughts and opinions on what works (and what doesn't). I'll iron out a lot of the rough draft cruft myself in the second draft.
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