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Skirt pattern fun and living room update

I just felt like sharing my joy at actually making some good progress on my Zhu Rong skirt. I scrapped the last attempt and started over with a half-circle pattern, figuring that it would be simple to draft and have plenty of ease for movement, and I could dart out any unwanted floof. It seemed like an easier endeavor than going from a skirt sloper block. My pattern, which was intended to be taped together along the edge and sit below my navel, serendipitously wound up being a perfect high-waisted wrap skirt with the right amount of overlap. To shape it, I took out a long dart along the front, back, and hip seam lines. Now I just have to cut down the waist a tad so it will sit below my navel, and then I get to slash and retape the seam lines to move the darts up to the waistline, and then it goes on my dressform so I can draw the funky hem.

I know I'm progressing at the speed of molasses, but last week was preoccupied with peanut butter crunchy time at work and preparation for drywall. Which is just about done now, and it didn't even make a monstrous mess. The contractors taped up plastic and vacuumed the dust when finished, so although I couldn't move everything out of the room first (bleh to the TV which must weigh 300 pounds - it was hard enough supporting the front of that thing while Randy and Josh actually moved it, and I am no weakling), I barely noticed any dust when I came home today. I did cover stuff with drop cloths and old sheets, and I'm sure that helped. But damn, our living room looks so much better with a normal wall where those orcishly crafted shelves used to be. I'm very happy with the repair job.

We're just going to pay somebody to paint the living room. It's easier than trying to find a time when multiple people have the same weekend free, and that room has so much stuff to mask off (HYOOOOGE windows, trim) and baseboards that may or may not be painted. I'd much rather hand somebody money, put the cats in the basement, and have the job done while I'm out at work. After that's done, I'll put out a call for help with hanging the new curtain rods. That's something that can be dealt with by handy friends and power tools, and it won't involve hours of annoying prep work.

I keep wanting to order furniture, but we haven't decided on what size coffee table to get. And, truth be told, the bill makes me antsy, even though I know it will be worthwhile to get well-crafted furniture that will last a lifetime.
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