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Random update

I biked to and from work today. I'm tired. At least I was able to go faster than last time. It is pretty humbling having to toodle along at a snail's pace every now and then, though, and I had to walk up a hill. But I'll never get better unless I keep trying. I have a good base of aerobic fitness and strong legs. It's just that my quadriceps endurance for biking is relatively bleh. Like I said...practice will fix that.

Working long hours doesn't suck when you're doing interesting work, your office is calm and quiet, and you can work without interruptions. Music helps, too. Hooray for Monstro, my brand new 60 GB iPod that's only about 10% full. Hooray for the deadline being a week and a half away and things not being quite as nutzoid thereafter.

I just ordered a bunch of Dynasty Warriors artbooks. YAY PERTY COSPLAY REFERENCE.

Dropkick Murphys provide a surprisingly good soundtrack for working on cosplay. Especially when you're pissed off at yourself because you realized that after spending a bunch of time trying to fix up a pattern that you didn't really start from a proper foundation, you're better redoing the entire pattern from scratch. Bleh.
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