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Otakon 2006 in a nutshell

I don't have much to say about Sunday because nothing much happened. Also, rooming with Diana (silverluz) and Dennis (galenb3r) was teh win. The Wyndham's rooms are tiny but nice.

Also...OMG FRIST PIC!!11!eleventy A Fan's View finally got something I made. Third pic down with the gold claws, purple armor, black pontail, and OMGFLOOF. I'll make a more braggartly entry when I have more pictures, but this one is up and it turned out nicely (even if my chest plate looks a bit crooked, but that's probably just because I'm posing).


The Good

I got the wig on all by myself and made it to the Dynasty Warriors gathering...and we wound up getting a private photoshoot with a photographer from DeathCom Multimedia. He did a great job suggesting poses. My favorites were taken in a flower bed outside the BCC. There was a sewer cap right inside the bed, so I was able to step over to it and look surrounded by flowers. The photographer got a fantastic shot of me relaxing and looking up wistfully. I so hope that one turns out. The pictures will be up in 2-3 weeks.

My under wig hairstyle was 3-4 largish pincurls with most of the rest of the hair just wrapped and looped and clipped wherever I could fit it. Dennis was amazed that this process didn't tangle it at all. Hooray for non-damaging triangle clips and meaty hair.

I got tons of compliments on my work and many questions about how I made my armor and props. I gave people an overview and directed them to my site, where I have a basic tutorial. I'll have to make more content ASAP.

The Bad

The hour-long prereg line in the glaring sun, needing 3 hours to get into my costume, the pain that inherently results from wearing a heavy, unbalanced wig over a lot of squished-down hair. Oh yeah, and the elastic on my knee guards had a wardrobe malfunction (read: asploded). I WAS going to wear nice new knee guards with a very accurate shape and paint that matched my new armor, but bleh, oh well.


The Good

Getting to say hello to onezumi and buy some schwag from her. Getting introduced to Shadoboxxer, who draws tough female characters who - wait for it - actually look realistic. They have athletic physiques and wear clothing that's stylish and makes sense at the same time. If I make it to Comic-Con next year (HI STEF), I so want to cosplay one of his designs. I also stopped by funkicarus' table and bought a Katamari shirt from Shawn Handyside.

I made it to Katie Bair's wig panel, which was fun and useful to people at different levels of experience working with wigs. I made a synthetic dreadlock and watched Katie make odangoes around a Styrofoam ball base.

Oh yeah, and I got to play this awesome taiko drum game.

The Bad

The Silent Hill panel. I'm chafed that I missed whatever Randy had been watching at the time to go to this. By and large, it was a shallow, boring overview of the series that came off like a third grade book report in PowerPoint form. They summarized each game in a way that was useless to anyone who had gone to the panel hoping to learn about the series. Instead of giving an overview of the plot and how the characters tied into it, we got superficial character profiles ("This is Dahlia! She's nuts!" *cue giggles*), little to no plot discussion, and massive spoilers without context. There was nothing about the games' trademark synergy of sound, graphics, and pacing, the nature of the Silent Hill universe, or other subject material that could have enlightened newbies to the appeal of the fandom while possibly providing a new perspective to fans. The blurb in the schedule said the panel would discuss the good and bad points of the movie, but all we got of that was another shallow overview and an informal opinion poll.

It did have some videos I'd never seen before - the SH2 dog ending and a SH1 glitch caused by using Aglaophotis on the wrong target. And they did have one page of miscellania that influenced the series. But that was about it.

The game room had UmJammer Lammy. I love that game. I used to be able to beat the evil Teriyaki Yoko level while drunk. And I couldn't even beat the first level. BuzzuhWTF. The timing is weird and unforgiving and I could barely hear the music at all. Strangely, someone cleared that level and I came back to the game and got through the next two on the first try. But then I got stuck at the airplane song (another old favorite). Waaaahhhh...where have my skills gone?
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