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Time for Otakon

Today was my last day at work. I start at Conduit on Monday the 7th. Maybe I should have seen if I could have pushed that back so I could have had a bit of time off after Otakon, but oh well.

Speaking of Otakon...I'm almost ready to leave. I'm just taking a short break before gathering and double-checking everything. Zhangykins is in his box and all ready to go, though I have to do a bit of gluing at the hotel. Alas, I was not able to make improved claw blades to go along with my peacock talons. The humidity was too high to spray paint. Oh well. At least I'm pretty happy with the new boots, I got the shoulder pauldrons of the armor to hinge so I can pose, and I fixed a problem with the sashes that had annoyed me last year. I'll be out of here by 7.

And I will be wearing the costume on Friday come hell or high water or uncooperative hair. I must not miss the Dynasty Warriors gathering. If you're near the fountains at 6:30 tomorrow, look for me and say hello.
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